Book of Deuteronomy Zoom Class

Social and Ecological Justice in Deuteronomy

The Book of Deuteronomy (Sefer Devarim) includes many laws that refer not only to social relationships but also to man’s relationship with nature. In this course we will discuss the relevance of the laws in Deuteronomy to our lives today and their connection with ideas of social and ecological justice.


Dates and Topics

19.7.20 Who Owns the Earth?
26.7.20 Shabbat as an Ecological Day
2.8.20 Rain and Social Justice
9.8.20 Social Justice and Sabbatical Year
16.8.20 The Interrelation Between Man and Nature
23.8.20 Returning What Was Lost and Social Justice
30.8.20 Celebrating the Good in Our Lives
8.9.20 Not in Heaven: Practicing Social and Ecological Justice in Our Daily Lives
13.9.20 Atonement During Pandemic Times

All classes are on Sundays at 20:00 Israel time
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