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Look at Me! March 31, 2005

Posted by Keren Fite in Writing.
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In “Person to Person” Tennessee Williams suggests that every artist is a young child shrieking “look at me!” to the deaf heavens. This constant demand of attention is a perilous play that might end in by-standers’ indifferent observation, leaving the artist alone “on the shelf”. Williams suggests a careful balance between the personal and the public, the observer and the potential fellow performer: “know that out of your personal lyricism something has to be created that will not only attract observers but participants in the performance”.


A Subject in Process January 12, 2005

Posted by Keren Fite in Writing.
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A white page, a beginning… Taking a deep breath, I take a step into the unknown…

I’ve been writing and reading ever since I can remember. I define and redefine myself through writing. It seems that there’s a gentle difference between scribbling a personal journal in a sealed notebook, and sharing my thoughts online, between creating fiction and writing a dissertation. Or is there ?
Is the fine line between ‘fiction’, ‘personal’ and ‘academic’ writing really that clear, or is it a figment of our definition-oriented mind ? Is there a place, a space, a time were the seemingly different processes intertwine ?