You Shall Tell Your Daughter (2): Charoset

Women are obliged to drink four cups and perform all the laws of the Seder because they took part in the miracle and redemption. Moses is ordered “thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob.” Rabbi Tahlifa of Caesarea interprets that Moses is obliged to tell the women first, for “if I do not call upon the women first they will nullify the torah” (Exodus Rabbah)

marc chagall song of songs-iv-1958

There are two interpretations for the custom of eating charoset at the Seder table. Rabbi Yohanan says, in memory of the mortar the Israelite slaves used to paste the bricks. Rabbi Levi says, in memory of the apple. Rashi interprets, “for they gave birth to sons with no pain so the Egyptians will not know them, as it was written ‘under the apple-tree I awakened thee'”

At the Seder table take some charoset and say together:

Why do we eat charoset? Because of women who are redeemed from Egypt today. From now on, in every generation, let every woman see herself as if she was redeemed from Egypt:

“Thou shall tell your daughter,

On that day it is for the sake of this that God did for me when I left Egypt”*

*Adapted from Yalta’s Women Seder

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